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Far far away, behind the mountains of floral arrangements and bridesmaids dress colors!!!


There you are, looking back at what brought you to this moment. You are marrying the person your heart has chosen. You see the light in their eyes, you feel the energy of their soul.

It's in this moment where becoming a man means more than anything.

Where you get to prove to the world,



But first, FIRST, you must make it thru all the planning, the details, the how to's and what to do's....


Our site will not just guide you thru a wedding, we aim to bring thoughts and meaning to being you, being strength and allowing weakness. All of it is okay, even the weakness for without weakness there is no strength.


Our posts, our sharing, our thoughts... All of it will revolve around that, OH! It will also do some revolving around other cool stuff. Some vehicles, some whiskey and spirits, some travel. Just some other shit we think is pretty cool and awesome.


It's time to do you, and bring a new level of you to the world.


And don't worry, we won't quiz you on the 37 hues of pink you now know exist...


We've been waiting for you!

The Greatness Of A Man Is Not

In How Much Wealth He Acquires,

BUT In His Integrity

And His Ability To

Affect Those Around Him Positively

-Bob Marley

Because this, each small piece that makes you the man you are. Each piece of the process, the routine, the you.


You are one of a kind. Embrace it!

Let's Man Up Together

You'd Be Surprised...

Look down at your shoes, really do it. What do you feel???


Is now the time to transform?

Shoes can transform everything in one step.

(Pun intended)

A new pair of shoes can transform

your body language & attitude.

They lift you physically and emotionally.

This goes hand in hand, for every human. Every age.


We simply want to help you be a better human, know how to handle your wedding and have a successful life.







Well, you're a guy, a man, no longer a boy. Level up your life, find resources to grow, know that manning up is what life is now. But hey, do it with style. K?